WHO AM I I'm the designer of Stelloco - I have always had a passion for creative outlets and found this would reflect through fashion. I found with all my creative ideas I had, everything would always circle back around to fashion. The spark to have my own clothing line was always there. It started small with just little logo designs and thinking up clothing label names. I would design websites and get to point where I would be ready to make garments. At the time I was backpacking around Indonesia, Asia & Australia, this typically meant I was never in a place long enough to establish a place to make clothing and source materials. At this stage I was having the time of my life traveling and all backpackers will know there are no funds to launch a clothing label. Even though I had the crazy ideas and aspirations in my head, I didn't have the slightest clue how to design an actual pattern, never mind sew. It took a major event in my life to realise that I wanted to take a leap into creating my Stelloco dream. It was not until my father passed away that I had a wake up call and realised I needed to really live my life. To live the full and do what I was passionate about and what I loved. I didn't want to just be having creative ideas I actually wanted to make them a reality. I enrolled to a Fashion degree the same year. Being a well traveled individual shapes you and it was hard to swallow the stereotypes of 'fashion'. I ended up studying for three years in my fashion degree. Tertiary education was hard for me being quite a creative alternative person. I enjoyed the degree though and fine tuned skills I had never heard of. I learnt to sew and it's also where I learnt all the hidden levels of what the fashion world had to offer. I was brought up with extreme empathy for the world and to have ethical morals. Traveling empowered these traits even more-so; to a point of having strong views on the world and the system we are in. I really can't stand the norms of society and it's modern day slavery. Living to work, lives empty due to lack of time spent doing the things that really matter; time with family, traveling, being alive. Sometimes all for a better place in social class that is set by greed and people in power. This sparked wanting to create a clothing culture. Where people can can buy clothes that are made ethically, local and look fresh. But also hold representation of a meaning behind the threads. Stelloco is about sharing truths, giving voices and awareness of poverty, corruption and depression.Generating awareness on these issues could change our world. I wasn't a school success story, I wasn't a tertiary graduate. I was just a kiwi lad with a creative dream and didn't allow society to label me. I want others to believe in their own self worth too. Even if Stelloco can just get one person aware of issues, give someone a voice or allow someone to be heard; I'll be happy with that.