Welcome to the world of Stelloco. How’s it going? 
Now that you’ve stumbled across my website it’s only fair that I introduce myself. I am the creator and designer for Stelloco clothing, Matt Costello. A last name that I then ever so cunningly manipulated to create Stelloco. 

The early days

To give you a bit of back story behind my label, it started with me struggling to work structured nine to five jobs. I value having a creative outlet and that reflected through fashion. The aspiration to have my own clothing line was always there with small things like designing logos and brainstorming label names like anti meridian, damp clothing and ultra ink. All of which I thought were great choices at the time. I would make websites just so I could create digital prints and designs but didn’t have any garments to sell on them. All the while backpacking around Indonesia, Asia and Australia. This typically meant I was never somewhere long enough to establish a place to make clothing and source materials. I had all these crazy ideas and aspirations buzzing round my head but a backpacker’s budget hardly allows for launching a clothing line. Not to mention the fact I didn't have the slightest clue how to design an actual pattern, never mind sew.

Dyslexic goes to school

It took a major event in my life to realise that I wanted to take a leap into creating my Stelloco dream. It was not until my father passed away that I had a wakeup call and realised I wanted to pursue my fashion dreams. He would ask me when I was travelling why don’t I try something career wise. He encouraged me to start fashion but I was young and just wanted to experience the world. He passed away in 2014 and I enrolled into the southern institute of technology the next year. For three years I studied towards a bachelor of fashion. During those years I learnt how to sew, make patterns, screen printing and even got pretty good at knitting. It's also where I learnt all the hidden levels of what the fashion world had to offer. Once graduated I moved back to Nelson to grow my Stelloco empire by picking apples five days a week. It’s all glitz and glamour in the fashion world kids. Really it was a blessing in disguise because being in a field all day gave me a lot of time to think. A few months later I was having my first casting for project runway.

Lights, Camera, remember how to sew! 

Project runway was a serious game changer for me. I went up feeling completely out of my depth and a total underdog of my fellow competitors. Having cameras coming into your room first thing in the morning was a bizarre experience but the free food was amazing like man that sushi! I am very proud of the looks I produced on the show. I feel they were inspired and against the grain which is what I strive for in fashion. The show has opened up so many doors for me and helped grow my brand to a wider audience which has in turn given me the opportunity to collaborate with other companies. I came away from Project Runway with a clear idea of what I wanted Stelloco to stand for. I realised I wasn’t interested in making intricate, high fashion pieces but instead classic nineties inspired streetwear. The nostalgia you feel through childhood memories has inspired my latest collection. I recount moments from my life that brought me joy like the thrill of getting a new game boy game or sitting admiring the curiosities of a kaleidoscope and draw them up into print designs. Stelloco clothing started out sewing pockets on plain tee’s when I was 19. Now confident in myself and what I want to create I can design purely for the joy of it. Enjoy the ride.